All of these horses were chosen for their wonderful disposition and calmness on trails.  Few had formal ring and jumping training before we began working with them.  Some are not "finished" horses, but have had several months of gentle, quiet schooling, predominately in the method of John Lyons.  They are turned out daily on 60 acres and are happy, easy-to-catch, easy-to-handle companions.  Our training emphasizes calm, quiet, happy obedience.  They stand quietly while mounting, grooming, saddling, for the farrier, etc.  Please call me at 410-586-1617 with any questions that you have and I'll get back to you. 

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Noah is a 15.1h, 13 year old Quarter Horse gelding. I found him in a local backyard after he had a career as a pony horse on the track, which he apparently loved as he used to like to help lead out the other horses to the pasture.  He was a diamond in the rough for dressage.  He has natural ability and is very comfortable.  I bought him for his canter which is lovely. Noah is a kind, gentle horse on the trails or in the ring.   $5,000. 


Holly is a 6 year old, 15.3h, Quarter Horse mare.  She has wonderful movements and will make a great horse whatever the discipline, except western pleasure.  It would be a shame to suppress that beautiful movement.  She will do great in the eventing, dressage, or hunter/jumper areas.  Here she is pictured being started under saddle, from join-up to riding, over the course of three days.  She's now trotting and cantering with her rider and doing great!  Her price will go up as her training continues.  $5,000.


Derby is a gorgeous, 15h, 10 year old Morgan Gelding.  Nearly black with a long forelock and mane, Derby has a great personality and is a great mover as well.  He was neglected and not handled much for the first six years of his life and so is something of a late bloomer.  We spent his first year with us just handling him and acclimating him to barn life.  Since then, we have schooled him with Natural Horsemanship and classical dressage methods.  He would make a nice dressage and/or trail horse.  He loves to ride outside and is good on the trails.  When he bonds with you, you will have a devoted friend for life.  He follows you around like a puppy.  He's 100% sound and well mannered, but not for a beginner.  He has a lot of “GO” in him and will come back to you if you close your fingers and collect him, but generally, only experienced riders will know how to do this. $1,500


Sonya is a beautiful, 15.3h, 9 year old paint mare.  Sonya is big and beefy, with beautiful movement.  She is a great horse and fabulous on trails.  Unfortunately, she bucks intermittently and we are unable to determine why.  Sometimes she's fine, other times she's not, so we are selling her as a broodmare.  Sonya will make a lovely broodmare as she has already had one baby that was a beauty.  Bargain priced at $1,000.

Ty Sold!

Ty is a 15.3h, 9 year old, liver chestnut mare who is not at all mare-ish, even when she is in season. She is one of those super mares that you come across every so often. This is probably due to her breeding which is 1/2 morgan, 1/2 percheron. She's incredibly sweet, kind and willing. She is perfect on the trails.  I trained and sold Ty as a dressage horse 2 years ago for $7,000. When a New Bolton vet found evidence of a healed, old stifle injury, I bought her back and am told by my vet that a trail riding home is what she needs.  She cannot hold up to the rigors of all the circling that dressage requires.  Fortunately, she is great on trails and happy to go out for hours at a time.  I have reduced her price by 60% to $2,800. Sale priced at $1000 through November.

Blue Sold!

Blue is a sweet, 15.2h, 5 year old Quarter Horse red roan gelding.  He has grown 2" at the butt in the 2 months we've had him, so he should mature at 16 h.  Blue is great on trails.  he will lead a trail ride anywhere ... not at all spooky.  He stands well for mounting, the farrier, and washing.  Blue is 100% sound of mind and body and will make someone a wonderful life-long companion.  $5,500.

River Sold!

River is a 5 year old, 15.1h, Quarter Horse gelding.  He's very sweet and especially likes small children.  River has a wonderful slow trot and canter and would be a perfect first horse or family horse.  River is new to jumping and is doing very well.  He is 100% honest over fences and is working on his technique.  $4,500.

Cleo Sold!

Cleo is a 15.1h, 6 year old mare with remarkable jumping ability.  She jumps high and completely tucks her legs up.  Cleo will make an excellent show hunter or event horse.  She is being schooled in and dressage and enjoys trail riding.  Cleo has loads of talent and needs another six months to one year to completely finish her.  She is sweet and kind but has too much energy for a beginner.  She would be a great pony club horse for someone with a bit of experience.  $6,500.

IB Sold!

Very handsome, 15.1h, 6 year old paint gelding.  IB has lots of presence and has been schooled in the John Lyons method.  He is quiet on the trails and has a great rocking-horse canter.  He is sweet, quiet, and kind on the ground and in the ring and was used in summer camp this year.    Price $4,000. 

Tiger Lily Sold!

Tiger Lily is a 14.1h, 7 year old mare.  She is 100% sound and loaded with talent.  Tiger loves trail riding and will make an excellent show or pony club horse for some child or small adult.  $3,000.